Driving evidence-based strategic decisions

Making informed and timely decisions based on compelling and statistically sound evidence.

Our Approach

adaptive approaches to problem-solving


Improving decision making by utilising critical thinking and the best available evidence to help make better decisions.

Adaptive Change

Developing, planning and advising on implementing and building adaptive change capabilities.

Technical Expertise

Use data and analytics to drive transformational impact by managing and using them responsibly.

Industry Frameworks

By implementing the right strategic processes, we help spearhead challenges in an efficient and pragmatic manner.

Our Services

Solutions That Make a Difference

Evidapt is a consulting firm on the leading edge of evidence-based digital transformation. We help Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and other senior-level leaders make informed decisions based on facts and research by developing and executing high-quality, practical strategies and plans. From large digital transformations to smaller technology-focused improvements, we deliver sound recommendations based on robust data, extensive research, stakeholder collaboration and analysis.

Strategy & Plans

Development of technology strategies that are translated into simple, practical and flexible roadmaps and plans to achieve enterprise and stakeholder goals.

Business Cases

Providing realistic business context, compelling objectives, option analysis, financial analysis and delivery plans and recommendations to enable informed investment decisions.

Data Analysis & Insights

Make critical decisions by sourcing, generating and analysing data to ensure that they are accurate, complete, relevant, concise, actionable, robust and ethical.

Solution Architecture

Implementing innovative and established technologies to meet enterprise, stakeholder and user requirements.

Enterprise Architecture​

Creating a technology ecosystem that is cohesive, integrated, cost-effective, aligned, and empowering.

Capability Improvement

Implement and sustain technology and organisational changes through coaching and coordination of existing staff.

Proofs Of Concept & Value

Apply contemporary technologies to develop proofs of concept to validate hypotheses, user experiences and value propositions.

Technology Cost Optimisation​

Review and analyse existing technology portfolios and proposals to identify redundancy, misalignment and opportunities for cost reduction.

Guidance & Assurance

Guiding implementation through continual measurement, coaching and reinforcing links between stakeholders to assure quality work is delivered.

Together, change is possible.

We help organisations and individuals make evidence-based decisions and plans which adapt to conditions that lead to success. Using an array of scalable, best-in-class and innovative methodologies, we provide research and consulting solutions that help you make better and smarter decisions that create impact in your organisation.